Vamp-ad is a DIY initiative made by fast-fashion lovers. Vamp-ad supports Clean Clothes Campaign.

DIY and why I made this campaign.

Maybe you associate the DIY concept with self-recreational home improvement. But its roots lay deeper.

punk nepal

Indie-music, Stockholm.

From the arts- and crafts movement in the early 1900s, to the indie-music scene and the punk movement, DIY is an alternative to the consumer culture that relay on other people to provide for your needs.

Clean Clothes Campaign
Personally I love H&M, and their fast fashion concept. But reading about apalling working conditions in the fast fashion industry made me feel kind of bad. Realizing I didn't have to wait for other people to act, I made this campaign, inspired by the DIY concept.

I found out about Clean Clothes Campaign on the Internet, and they are really cool, doing lots of stuff to improve working conditions in the global garment industry.
They work with unions as well as with consumer activism. Support them by clicking the "like" button on this page.

second place

- Malin Westling, Copenhagen 2013.

Ad-busters, Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Klein.

The people behind Occupy Wall Street, the Ad-busters of the 90s, felt that America was turning into one big branding machine. They started making subvertisements - a spoof of a corporate advertisement.

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Subvertisment by Ad-busters.

Naomi Klein.
With "No Logo", "The Shock Doctrine" and various articles and publications, Naomi Klein is fearlessly scrutinizing the global corporations, revealing quite the ensemble of puppet-players. Not only the intellectual, Klein is also a relentless activist, lately working hard on making the leftish human right's movement join forces with the environmentalists.

Vivienne Westwood: Get a life.
Vivienne Westwood has branded herself as the rebellious punk of high fashion. She uses her power in the industry to stage her activism.

vivienne westwood

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